Molinetto della Croda: an ancient watermill hidden among the Prosecco hills


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Molinetto della Croda (little mill of the rock) is an ancient water mill located in the province of Treviso, surrounded by a wonderful landscape, made of rolling hills, lined with vineyards, a few rural houses, little burgs full of history.

The setting is one of the most suggestive of the area. Moreover it is one of the few water mills still working in Italy, so it can be interesting to see it for some of you. On the outside there are some tables to eat your own food. There is also a parking lot a few steps away.

The mill dates back to 1630. A little later also a housing for the custodian family, a granary and a barn were added. It was dismissed in 1953.

Refrontolo municipality bought and restored il Molinetto to house a milling museum and a seat for temporary exhibitions.

Molinetto della Croda
Molinetto della Croda

Unfortunately, it came to national limelight for a sad event in 2014. Due to an overflowing of the river Lierza, a wave of water and mud invaded the area in front of the mill during an event, causing the death of four people.

The place is a cute hidden gem off the beaten track, like a fairy tales corner. There isn’t much to do except to admire the view and visit the mill. But I find it very romantic and, every now and then, if I’m in the area, I take a little detour to see it again and take a couple of pictures. If you want to stop and relax or have a pic-nic between two visits in the area, the Molinetto could be a nice idea.

Molinetto della Croda

Molinetto della Croda

Winter: Fri-Sat-Sun 2.30 – 5.30 pm (on Sundays also 10.30 – 12 am)

Summer: Fri-Sat-Sun 3 – 6 pm (on Sundays also 10.30 – 12 am)

Via Molinetto, 40, 31020 Refrontolo TV

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