Monselice Castle: Beautiful, Romantic, Great Scenario


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The Monselice Castle, also called Cini Castle, is actually composed of different units (built between the XI and XVI century). It may be familiar to you because it was the main location of the TV series “A Discovery of Witches”.

The visits take place only every hour at o’ clock (and not really every every hour so check the opening hours at the end of the post) and only with a tour guide, so we came there at 10.55 am to buy tickets and than we waited a few minutes for the tour to start. The blonde tour guide (unfortunately I do not know the name) was friendly and competent, focusing on the most interesting pieces in the collection and available in case of questions or further clarification.

The view form a Monselice Castle room
The view form a Monselice Castle room

Parts of the Castle

The different Monselice Castle units are:

  • The Castelletto with the Romanesque House (XI – XII), which is the oldest part (entering, on the right): To this part belong (on the ground floor) the medieval kitchen with its huge fireplace and (upstairs) the Carrarese Council Hall.
  • The Ezzelino Tower(XIII) (entering, in front of you, on the left side), built for defensive purposes. The ground floor houses a beautiful Armoury, the second best equipped in Veneto after the Doge’s Palace in Venice. On the first floor there is the Renaissance apartment of the Venetian Marcello family. On the second floor you can admire the Hall of Honour and two side rooms with beautiful ornate fireplaces.
  • Cà Marcello, the Renaissance part (XV) which is at the centre (with the refined trifora window), built by the Marcello family to connect the two pre-existing and separate sides. The most remarkable thing about this unit is in my opinion the ceiling of the room upstairs (but it comes from a Palace near Cento, Ferrara).
All set up for a Wedding, Monselice Castle
All set up for a Wedding, Monselice Castle

A bit of story

After the Marcello family, the Castle passed to various families, lost decorations and furnishings and after the war it was in a state of disrepair and neglect.

The prodigal Count Vittorio Cini, who inherited it, ordered a major restoration (1935 – 1942) and a rebuilding work of the rooms placing furniture, objects and antique tapestries of his private collection. Although they are not original of the castle, they respect the periods and the different styles.

On the back of the Monselice Castle you can enjoy the pretty and collected Venetian Courtyard, created to imitate the Venice little squares. This area was once used for plays and concerts. Here, during my visit, I could see the preparation for a wedding. Simply wonderful!

Monselice Castle Info


  • The Castle is undoubtedly worth a visit
  • The rooms and furnishings are beautiful. I especially enjoyed the Armoury, the original tower fireplaces and the Venetian courtyard, which is delicious
  • Thanks to the tour guide explanations I learned things I did not know


  • Unfortunately, the visit is a bit hasty, and done with too many people. Also, for convenience, it goes from one unit of the complex to another and then back again and so on… and this creates confusion.
  • Some rooms can be admired only from the outside.
  • Photos are not allowed, not even without flash. Grrrrrrr! I couldn’t therefore take any pics for you to see how beautiful some rooms are!
Monselice Castle
Via del Santuario 11 – Monselice (Padova)

Opening hours
Daily from the last Sunday in March until the last Sunday in November
The rest of the year is open for groups by appointment.

Standard time period
9, 10, 11 am
2, 3, 4 pm

BST period
9, 10, 11 am
3, 4, 5 pmm

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