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As for the days, I think that knowing how to say i mesi dell’anno [ee MEH-zee dehll AHN-noh], months of the year in Italian, can be useful to travel and make appointments. Besides, it is nice to know how to say in which month your birthday is in another language. But perhaps this is true only for me 🙂 Anyway, to say “I was born in January”, for example, you have to say “Sono nato in gennaio” [SOH – noh NAH -toh een gehn-NAHY-oh] (for men) or “Sono nata in gennaio” [SOH – noh NAH -tah een gehn-NAHY-oh] (for women). As for me, io sono nata in aprile!

Below I divided the months in 3 parts. There’s no “seasonal logic” behind my decision. It was however only an audio file matter. THe file would have been too longo to listen to. I didn’t want for you to be forced to listen to a super long audio file, so I cut it into 3 parts. On the contrary, in the video below I separated the months according to the different Seasons.

Months of the year in Italian

1. Gennaio [gehn-NAHY-oh] January

2. Febbraio [fehb-BRAHY-oh] February

3. Marzo [MAHR-tsoh] March

4. Aprile [ah-PREE-leh] April

Turn on the volume of your speakers and listen to the first 4 months pronunciation here:

5. Maggio [MAHJ-joh] May

6. Giugno [JOOH-nyoh] June

7. Luglio [LOOH-lyoh] July

8. Agosto [ah-GOHS-toh] August

Now you can listen to the pronunciation of May, June, July and August here:

9. Settembre [seht-TEHM-breh] September

10. Ottobre [oht-TOH-breh] October

11. Novemre [noh-VEHM-breh] November

12. Dicembre [dee-CHEHM-breh] December

Finally you can listen to the last 4 month’s pronunciation here:

If you prefer to see the video I recorded click below. I’m sorry if my English pronunciation is not very good, but I hope it can be understandable!

Enjoy, practise and let me know if this was useful!

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