A night at the Opera in Verona


Last Updated on September 9, 2017 by Laura Teso

It was thanks to an advertisement on Twitter that I discovered the Tweetseats initiative of the Arena di Verona. A 10€ ticket for a special seats to see Opera in Verona on the “terraces” (step stones), very close to the stage, free pillows to seat more comfortably and permission to take pictures during the show to tweet and share the experience on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

I like the Opera even if I’m not at all an expert. I know the most famous arias and there are 3-4 Operas that I know really well: Carmen, Traviata, Tosca and Il Barbiere di Siviglia. Il Barbiere di Siviglia is probably the one I am most fond of, because it is the first work that allowed me to approach the world of opera. It is funny, sparkling and full of catchy tunes. For this reason I thought it was suitable to my husband that should accompany me and is not an opera lover.

So I requested two places and in a few days everything was arranged.

On the evening of August 20 we spent a night at the Opera in Verona

Private entrance, accompanied by the deputy director who explained to us the initiative and the points of interest of the Arena. The seats were not numbered in the tier at the side of the stage: It is very close and you can clearly see the stage, you can also look behind the scenes. One flaw: when the singers turned to the other side of the stage, we couldn’t hear very well.

For the rest it was a beautiful show. The set design was unique and fabulous, vety Alice in Wonderland, with Baroque style hedges that moved in order to obtain spaces for the different scenes that followed one another and giant red roses and butterflies all around. The best scenes were those with the whole cast, choir and dancers on stage, because they have really re-created a magical, colourful and playful atmosphere, in the true spirit of Rossini.

Although the seats were not the most comfortable, it was fun taking pictures and tweeting during the show and immediately share my impressions on the social media. Too bad the Arena social profile did not choose any of my tweets. Damn!

Even my husband enjoyed himself (thanks to the singers who, being also good actors, have enriched their interpretations with gestures and comic moments) but the best thing was to see the reactions of a little girl, sitting right next to me (she was there with his parents). She was about 6 years old. Nevertheless, she paid attention to the whole show, she applauded, she laughed. How nice!

We were also lucky cause the weather decided to spare us, even if at some point the sky became threatening, and the wind made the enormous red roses swing gaudily. Fortunately it did not rain and we could enjoy the Opera until the end.

The worst part was to leave Verona to go home, because as soon as the Barbiere ended, all the spectators clumped towards the exits. And then they clumped along the street, and then again they clumped in the nearest parking lot. My husband and I were of course part of those clumps too, so it took us 45 minutes to take our car and reach the motorway. Plus another 50 minutes to get home.

So I recommend it to those interested in the Opera in Verona to spend at least one night there (we eventually arrived home at 2).

For further information: www.arena.it

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