Orbite Galileiane, my first Museum Theater experience


You surely remember the recent post describing my visit to the Galileo exhibition in Padua. On the very day of the visit, I had the opportunity to attend to my first Museum Theater experience thanks to the Associazione Culturale Zagreo, entitled Orbite Galileiane – Con gli occhi di Galileo (Galileian Orbits –  With the eyes of Galileo).

The association Zagreo aims to promote our cultural heritage through off stage performances, engaging the spectators as much as possible. The name Zagreo derives from the divinity Zagreus, killed by the Titans and reborn as Dionysus. Other than shows, the association organizes laboratories also for people with disabilities. Thanks to those courses, some people managed to improve their situation and the capability to better communicate.

What is Museum Theater?

Museum Theater is a kind of performance realized for a museum or exhibition. The aim is to enrich the overall experience of the visitors, informing and entertaining them.

In this case, the performance is focused on Galileo. Partly derived from Bertolt Brecht’s piece Life of Galileo, the text is captivating and thought-provoking. Most of all, the actors recitation increase the emotional involvement of the spectators. I honestly do not want to spoil the fun much, so I won’t tell you what they’re going to do.

Let’s just say, to put at ease the minds of those (like me) who are shy by nature, there’s nothing embarrassing to do. You do not get to recite or be a the centre of the scene. Or quite. 😉

Orbite Galileiane by Zagreo
Orbite Galileiane by Zagreo

A young historian completed the picture, accompanying us and describing how Padua was at the time of Galilei and providing us also with some backstory about the famous astronomer and some interesting doozies here and there. The chosen places are all representatives of significative moments in Galilei’s life.

We learnt more about the crucial importance of the University, the changes to the city made under the rule of Venice, but also the tricks Galileo used to gain extra cash.

Bo University, Padua
Bo University, Padua

Orbite Galileiane trail

Starting from the exhibit location, piazza Duomo, Orbite Galileiane led us to the adjacent Piazza dei Signori, the Bò University and of course outside Galileo’s house in Padua.

Then we reached the Specola, former astronomical observatory of the city. And finally we returned to the exhibition quarters for the final act.

It was an occasion for me to learn more about some aspects of Galileo’s life and to learn more about my city, too. And it was a perfect completion to the exhibition. My favourite parts took place at Galileo’s house and the final suggestive scene. But I can’t tell you why, you just have to see for yourselves.

The thing I liked most was being somehow at the center of attention, but without actually doing anything. Just thanks to the actors mingling among us and conveying their passion and enthusiasm.

Just one recommendation. Since the text is in Italian, this experience is suitable only for those of you who understand italian quite well.

If you wish to attend to Orbite Galileiane, the next appointments are on:

  • December 29
  • January 21
  • February 18
  • March 11

Two performances per day, at 3pm and 5pm. Duration 1 hour and a half/2 hours.

Meeting place: piazza Duomo, 14 – Padova (at the exhit of the exhibition)

Here you can download a coupon to get a 2€ discount. You will therefore pay 5€ instead of 7€.

If you want to learn more about Associazione Zagreo, go to zagreo.it

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