Pasticceria Zizzola, a feast for the eyes… and taste


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During Christmas break I went to Noale, as you probably already know, to attend to the Befana bonfire. Since it was rather cold and we had an hour of spare time, Matteo and I decided to treat ourselves with a sweet pause in Pasticceria Zizzola.

Pasticceria Zizzola

The pasticceria, Italian name for pastry shop, has an ancient history. It was in fact founded in 1895. In 1922 Vittorio Emanuele, king of Italy, awarded the Master Pastry Chef Antonio, grandfather of the actual chef Stefano, with a golden medal for his products. But do not expect old fashioned furniture, because in 2016 the owners decided to change location and to set their heaven of sweetness in a brick furnace of the 1940s. OK, the exterior is not that fascinating, because it is just next to a supermarket. On the bright side, there’s plenty of parking space. However, how nice it would have been if it had also a little space al fresco!



As for the interior, it is utterly charming. I love that kind of design, mixing up industrial and vintage styles. A long, long counter where all the most delicious things are displayed in full light: cakes, pastries, croissants, chocolates, cookies…

All around wood, blue and white decorated ceramics, copper cake molds, exposed bricks walls and a “swanky” atmosphere. Even the restroom was cool. Eh, you know that I always pay attention to such important details. 🙂


We couldn’t resist to try two frittelle, the typical Carnival sweets, along with a good hot chocolate with rum flavour for my husband and a tea for me. The dough was a bit too oily for my taste…. But the filling (mascarpone and chantilly cream) was exquisite.


As you probably know, each pasty shop has its specialities. It is worth to try those. I have to set my mind on this. Next time I’ll have to try a mini-cake or a macaron. These are their specialities. Truth is there were so many different things I could not decide! Now… I have a matter to settle there. 😀

That very evening we were invited for dinner to a friend’s house. It was convenient for us to buy something at the Pasticceria Zizzola. One of the guests was allergic to milk. Luckily we found some cookies with no milk (only hazelnuts, sugar, cocoa and egg whites). And they were delicious. Everybody loved them and we made a good impression.

Mini cakes
Mini cakes

in conclusion, my resolution is to go back and try their specialities. It is really a charming place for a sweet rendezvous.

Pasticceria Zizzola

Piazza XX Settembre, 27, Noale

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