Photo shoot in Venice Italy: capture your best memories


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Have you ever considered hiring a professional photographer for a photo shoot in Venice Italy? You can meet up with the photographer and have a nice stroll along the most beautiful and picturesque spots in Venice (canals, palaces, bridges), where to stop and pose for wonderful photos.

I know, you love Venice and have visited more than once the most beautiful city in the world. Every time you take hundreds of pictures, including blurred selfies on the gondola. If you’re a lady, have you ever forced your husband to take photos of you in front of the Rialto bridge, hoping to have something amazing to post on Instagram… and it’s never that great, I hear you! I have the same problem all the time. And, if you’re a man, how stressful is it for you not to enjoy the moment!

Or maybe, you haven’t visited it yet! So, when you do, you don’t want to waste this occasion!

Well, have you ever thought of making yourself and your loved one a special present? Your dream destination deserves a special treat, a Photo shoot in Venice Italy to treasure forever!

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Photo shoot in Venice ideas for you

Thanks to a professional photographer you can capture all your precious moments in Venice. The occasions may be:

  • Proposal
  • Engagement
  • Elopement
  • Wedding
  • Honeymoon
  • Anniversary
  • Pregnancy
  • Family of friends vacation
  • Instagram/Blog content

Photographer in Venice Italy – My experience

I experienced the latter: a photo shoot in Venice for my Instagram account (mycornerofitaly). Every now and then I go to Venice for some events, errands or just for fun. I’m lucky, I live only 30 minutes away. But most of the time I go on my own and I have no one who can take pictures of me, capturing the moment. I often take selfies or something.

So I experienced having a professional photographer in Venice helping me out. And it was very nice and funny, too! I was a little shy at the beginning, but the photographer was very helpful. She told me where to look, where to put my hands, how to move, how to pose so that the photos would be natural. The photographer is a friend and so she offered me her service, but I was so satisfied that I decided to write this post and try to promote her excellent work.

photo shoot in Venice Italy

We met at the Santa Lucia train station and the only thing I knew I wanted for sure was a photo with Rialto bridge in the background. So we headed in that direction. While walking towards it, we stopped here and there to take pics in some beautiful and less known corners that she knows.

What do you say of these photos? Beautiful, eh? Honestly, I didn’t expect to have such beautiful photos of myself.

photographer in Venice
photographer in Venice

That’s why I would totally recommend her if you want to have a special souvenir of your stay or your special event… and not only in Venice. My friend does photoshooting in Verona, Dolomites, Florence, Rome… basically everywhere in Italy.

Photo shoot in Venice Italy for special occasions, singles, couples, friends or families

A photo shoot in Venice is the ideal gift for yourself or your loved ones, collecting unique souvenirs of your stay in Venice. You will have the chance to go on an exclusive photo session walk and enjoy your time without thinking of the pictures to take, cause there will be a professional photographer doing so on your behalf.

You can meet up with the photographer at the train station or at your hotel. The photo shooting can take place all year round, according to the photographer’s availability. The itinerary is not strictly defined in advance but it can vary. It can be discussed with the client depending on his/her interests or the accommodation location. You can choose less beaten paths or the main monuments, according to your preferences.

The tour usually lasts 1 or 2 hours, in accordance to your agreement with the photographer. After the tour, the photographer will give you access to a private online gallery, where you can view and download the photos on your computer, Google photos or Dropbox. The photos will be 40 in case of a 1 hour tour, 60 in case of a 1h 20 tour, and 80 in case of a 2 hours tour.

All the photos will be provided to you in high resolution within the deadline arranged with the photographer.

Photo shoot in Venice (and beyond) key features

  • Meeting point anywhere in Venice or in the chosen destination (to be arranged)
  • Professional photographer for a private photo shoot (1 hour, 1h 30 or 2 hours)
  • 40 (60 or 80, depending on the timing of your photo shoot) high-resolution and beautifully edited photos
  • Private online gallery where you can view and download your pics
  • Not included: paid activities and admission fees to places where you’d like to be photographed

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