Pizzeria Fuori di Zucca: an “instagrammable” pizzeria in Padua


Fuori di Zucca is a pizzeria just outside Padua, in the close municipality of Noventa Padovana, village where once Venetian aristocrats used to build astonishing villas for their summer retreats. Villas that you can still admire passing by. They’re all private. I’d love to take a peek inside!

The location is inside a white palazzina just past a roundabout. To park the car there’s plenty of space in the impound lot, just past the gate. You will immediately notice the cute, modern, colorful sofa and armchairs under the porch, in contrast to the severe white structure.

Don’t look carefully at my look on the photos. It was an impromptu idea. I used the car that day and I went to fetch Matteo at work in “grocery shopping” attire. For the record I always dress very casual, but on that specific day I was with no makeup, messy hair and the sporty jacket I use for hiking. Well, whatever.

Inside, I was amazed by the multiplicity and beauty of the decor. The pizzeria consists of five different rooms, each with its own style, but all very cosy. Wooden ceilings, natural walls or adorned walls, vintage objects, plants, but they all create a deep harmony.

Precisely because of the impromptu, it was very early for an Italian friday dinner out. We arrived there at 7 pm (it is quite close to my husband’s office). Therefore there were only us and other 2 couples. Apparently, the timing was very favorable. They had all tables booked, buty starting from 8.30/9 pm. So we had our time to eat.

pizzeria Fuori di ZuccaAnd that’s also why you see a semi desert place. I asked if I could take some pics because I liked the decor so much. And I took a tour of the place, avoiding annoying the other two couples. One of the two had the cutest light brown dachshund ever. She was protesting cause she wanted to stay on the owner lap. And so she did in the end. Or maybe she wanted to be in one of my pics, so I said to them. And they confirmed. She’s a diva, they said. Ha ha. How cute.

Also the toilet was cute. But you have to find out why yourselves, when you go. 😉

As for the pizza, the only flaw was that I thought, because of the name, that they had more pumpkin based pizzas. Yes, because zucca means pumpkin. Fuori di zucca is an Italian idiom. Zucca, in fact, can also mean head, only used in colloquial/humour contexts. So the name of the place means “Out of head”, i.e. crazy.

On the contrary, there was just one pupkin based pizza. I couldn’t but order that, even if I did not particularly like the ingredients combination. I had to take a pumpkin pizza in a pumpkin named pizzeria! Matteo’s pizza was veeeery good indeed.

A big plus, verified later, was the digestibility. Although we ended up feeling full up (both pizzas were very rich), we had no problem afterwards. Not thirst, nor other problems. The price is a bit expensive for a pizzeria, but not that odd for my city standards.

I left with the desire of going back another time to try another pizza. So, I think it’s a success. Moreover, I was thinking to involve my circle of local blog/Instagram friends, since the place is veeeeery veeeeeeery “instagrammable”.

pizzeria Fuori di Zucca
pizzeria Fuori di Zucca

Pizzeria Fuori di Zucca

via Roma, 42 – Noventa Padovana
Closed on Mondays

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