ExpressoWifi: your pocket wifi for Italy, easy as drinking an espresso


Why a post about a pocket wifi for Italy? I am going to share my experience and you’ll understand why I decided to suggest you such a device for your next travel to Italy.

Have you ever experienced lack of Internet connection while travelling? I did. And it was awful. Matteo and I were in Germany. We were staying at an apartment where there was no connection whatsoever. And we were kind of in the middle of nowhere. There was no possibility to find information about a place where to eat. So we went out to find out a spot where to grab a bite for dinner, driving randomly in the area under the sword of Damocles. Yes, because in Germany restaurants stop cooking at 9pm… And we were late! How would I have wanted a pocket wifi like ExpressoWifi back then!

Another scenario is… Maps! This happened to me in France. By constantly using Google Maps I run out of the extra giga I bought for the whole tripduring the third day. Yes! Besides, the cost of internet surfing abroad is absurd! So I had to use a traditional paper map and a big dose of patience for the next days.

Many of you are Italy experts already, and are perfectly aware of the situation here. There are not many wifi free spots. We have some in Padua, for example, but they do not work properly. When I’m around and about my city, the wifi line never stands still! 😀 So I keep receiving messages about the line and I get bored. And I’m always like: “Ok, cut off the wifi and let’s go 4G!”. Luckily I have 15 Giga in my plan, so it’s not a big deal for me.

Same thing for Venice. I have been in Venice many times, but still I often use Google Maps. It’s more practical and faster, especially when I have a blog appointment there and I have to hurry. And, apart from Venice, I use maps whenever I drive or I’m in a town I don’t know. It’s super convenient. But, with no connection or no phone plan it’s a mess.

And, when you’re not in your own country, this can be a major bother.

That’s why, when I heard about ExpressoWiFi, I immediately thought about these episodes and reckoned that a pocket wifi for Italy could do a great difference for you.
That’s why I decided to write this post.

What is ExpressoWifi

ExpressoWifi is a pocket wifi: light, small, user friendly. You can see for yourselves how small it is in the hands of a gondoliere. 😉


How does ExpressoWifi work

  1. First, you book it online, safely paying by Paypal or Credit Card
  2. Choose a collecting point. That’s super convenient. In fact you can decide to pick it up at the airport where you land, at a boutique spot or at your hotel/apartment. ExpressoWifi will be delivered where you prefer.
  3. At the end of your vacation (sigh), you can return your pocket wifi for Italy in person (in this case free of charge) or by courier.

ExpressoWifi Features

With your pocket wifi for Italy you can

  • log everywhere
  • check your e-mails
  • look for a place where to go for dinner (precisely!)
  • plan your trip (maps, transport schedules, museums info)
  • call your relatives via Skype
  • share your Italy pictures on Facebook and make your friends jealous (wink)
  • read the posts of (wink wink wink)

How much is it?

I give you some examples, but you will find out everything on the official website

3 days: 6€/day
11 days: 5€/day
21 days: 4€/day

Pocket wifi for Italy pros

  • Navigation is unlimited.
  • It is fast. It will perform in fact at the highest speed available in Italy (4G LTE).
  • Customer service is available 24/7 via Whatsapp, Facebook and live chat.
  • Up to 10 devices can be connected to ExpressoWifi at the same time.

How can I book it?

Ok, I’m convinced, I want to book this pocket wifi for Italy! Well, just go to

On the ExpressoWifi website you will find all additional info and a interesting FAQ section, where to remove any doubt and find out the pick-up and drop-off spots.

I will surely take in consideration such a service during my future trips. I can no longer travel without a connection. So, that’s why I decided to write this post and I suggest you to take into account my suggestion. With ExpressoWifi, surfing the net will be as easy as drinking an espresso!


Post in collaboration with ExpressoWifi. As usual opinions are entirely my own.

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