Praglia Abbey, a Benedictine monastery surrounded by the Euganean hills


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The Praglia Abbey, Abbazia di Praglia [ahb-bah-TSEE-ah dee PRAH-lyeeah], stands at the foot of the Euganean Hills 12 km from Padua. The foundation dates back to the XI century.


Praglia Abbey was flourishing until the Napoleonic suppression in 1810. In 1834, thanks to the support of the Austrian government, the monks returned to the monastery. The truce was however short. In 1867 all religious corporations were suppressed in the Veneto. Most of the monks took refuge in the monastery of Dajla in Istria. They were able to return only in 1904.

Praglia Abbey includes a centre for the restoration of antique books. Thanks to it, over 25.000 works have been restored. Among them, the most ancient geographical map of Italy, popes and emperors letters, etc.

But but many people come here especially to buy cosmetics and infusions, honey, candies and even wine, all prepared here by the monks with natural products they grow in the Abbey’s fields. During the afternoon it is in fact open a little shop where people can by all these useful products. The herbal medicine of the monastery is recognized by the State and combines recipes of ancient tradition with modern technology and equipment

Praglia shop
Praglia shop

My experience at Praglia Abbey

Me and my husband queued for a guided tour of Praglia Abbey a Sunday afternoon. In about half an hour a monk walks you through some rooms of the Abbey: two Cloisters, the Chapter Room, the Monumental Refectory, the Belvedere Loggia and the Church. Although it is interesting, the tour is carried far too hastily. Besides, at the time we went in (3.30 pm) there were too many people and I lost some explanations because I ended up at the bottom of the group a couple of times. Unfortunately it was not possible to see the Library. For the tour you can give a free offer, we gave 5€ (the sum goes to the restoration works of the Abbey).

I’m not sure that there are available tours in languages other than Italian. In any case I would not recommend a visit to anyone who is not interested in the genre.
I suggest, however, to stop by the shop to buy some herbal product and take a walk around the Abbey to admire its beauty with the background of the green hills.

Did you know that…

The writer Antonio Fogazzaro was very fond of this place. He set in the Praglia Abbey some scenes of his novel Piccolo mondo moderno (entitled in English The Man of the World, but the literal translation is Small modern world).

View from the lodge
View from the loggia


  • Beautiful and peaceful scenery
  • Fabulous herbal products (I love pine flavoured candies, but their taste is particular, not everybody likes them so don’t blame me if you don’t!)


  • Too quick guided tour
  • No true masterpieces, but enjoyable as well
  • Dogs can not attend the guided tour because it goes inside the Abbey and the Church. They can enter the shop
Praglia Abbey cloister
Praglia Abbey cloister

Praglia Abbey
Via Abbazia, 16, Loc. Praglia, Teolo (PD)

Guided tours hours

Sundays and public holidays

Standard time: 2.30pm 3pm 3.30pm 4.00pm 4.30pm
Summer time: 3.30pm 4pm 4.30pm 5pm 5.30pm


Standard time: 2.30pm 3.10pm 3.50pm 4.30pm
Summer time: 3.30pm 4.10 pm 4.50pm 5.30pm

The tour guide is one of the monks. There is no need to book the tour. Free offer.

Closed: Monday, 1st and 6th January, Ash Wednesday, from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday, Pentecost, 15 August, 1st November, 8, 24 and 25 December

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