Romantic Italian phrases to charm your loved one


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Saint Valentine’s day is approaching, so I think you may want to learn some romantic Italian phrases. I hope this will help you to make a good impression on your partner.

Romantic Italian phrases

First of all, Saint Valentine is… San Valentino [sahn vah-lehn-TEE-noh]. We do not use the expression “Will you be my Valentine?”. If you want to ask someone to be your boyfriend/girlfriend, you have to say

To a woman: Vuoi essere la mia ragazza? [vwoi EHS-seh-reh lah MEE-ah rah-GAHT-tsah](Will you be my girlfriend?). To a man: Vuoi essere il mio ragazzo? [vwoi EHS-seh-reh eel MEE-oh rah-GAHT-tsoh](Will you be my boyfriend?). But it’s something for teenagers.

If you simply want to ask soemone out, you can say:

  • Vuoi uscire con me? [vwoi ooh-SHEE-reh kohn meh](Will you go out with me?)

Listen to the first phrases:

Love phrases in Italian for Saint Valentine’s day

  • I like youMi piaci [mee PYAH-chee]
  • (male speaking) I have fallen in love with you… Mi sono innamorato di te [mee SOH-noh in-nahm-oh-RAH-toh dee teh]
  • (female speaking) I have fallen in love with you… Mi sono innamorata di te [mee SOH-noh in-nahm-oh-RAH-tah dee teh]
  • I’m in love with you (man speaking)… Sono innamorato di te [SOH-noh in-nahm-oh-RAH-toh dee teh]
  • I’m in love with you (woman speaking)… Sono innamorata di te [SOH-noh in-nahm-oh-RAH-tah dee teh]
  • I love youTi amo [tee AH-moh]
  • I love you too… Ti amo anch’io [tee AH-moh ahn-KEE-oh]
  • I adore you… Ti adoro [tee ah-DOH-roh]
  • I’ll love you forever… Ti amerò per sempre [tee ah-meh-ROH pehr SEHM-preh]
  • You are my life… Sei la mia vita [sey lah MEE-ah VEE-tah]
  • You’re beautiful (to a woman)… Sei bellissima [sey behl-LEES-see-mah]
  • You’re beautiful (to a man)… Sei bellissimo [sey behl-LEES-see-moh]
  • Love… Amore [ah-MOH-reh]
  • My love… Amore mio [ah-MOH-reh MEE-oh]
  • My darling/Honey… Tesoro mio/tesoro [teh-SOH-roh MEE-oh]
  • Will you marry me?Mi vuoi sposare? [mee vwoi spoh-SAH-reh]
  • Give me a kiss… Dammi un bacio [DAHM-mee oon BAH-choh]
  • Kiss me… Bàciami [BAH-chah-mee]

Common San Valetine’s presents

  • a bouquet of red roses… un mazzo di rose rosse [oon MAHT-tsoh dee ROH-seh ROHS-seh]
  • a box of chocolates… una scatola di cioccolatini [OO-nah SKAH-toh-lah dee choh-koh-lah-TEE-nee]
  • jewellery… gioielli [joh-YEL-lee]
  • a necklace… una collana [OO-nah kohl-LAH-nah]
  • a ring… un anello [oon ah-NEHL-loh]
  • a bracelet… un bracciale or braccialetto [oon brahch-CHAH-leh or brahch-chah-LEHT-toh]
  • earrings… orecchini [oh-rehk-KEE-nee]

Now that you learned a lot of romantic Italian phrases… Happy Valentine’s day! Buon San Valentino! [bwohn  sahn vah-lehn-TEE-noh]

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