Romeo Montague’s House in Verona


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Romeo’s House is a superb medieval building in the historic centre of Verona, close to the Scaliger Tombs, only (obviously, right?) 300 meters away from Juliet’s house. If you want to learn more about the unfortunate damsel palace, you can read my post regarding Juliet’s House in Verona. Coming from Piazza dei Signori reach the Tombs, then go straight and turn right to the first corner. After a few steps, you can see Romeo’s House on the left. There is a plaque indicating it (sadly it is fully covered with inscriptions). If you still succeed to read among those scribbles, the plaque says: House of Cagnolo Nogarola called Romeo, XIV century.

Romeo’s House

It is a beautiful private palace, recently restored. If you are close, you can pass in front of it and take a look. Nothing more. It is not possible to visit it. A portion of the building now houses an Osteria. I’m sorry for the pic totally backlit but I could not go back there at another time to take a better one. Sooner or later I’ll do, and I intend to try that Osteria… Maybe I could learn something more about Romeo’s House and its history. What do you think? Has someone ever been there to have lunch?

In the meantime you can take a look at the website where you can see a picture of the courtyard (otherwise you’d have to lie there in ambush and wait for the owner to go out in order to quickly peek inside!). I’ll let you know if I find further information in the future!

Romeo's palace
Romeo’s palace


  • I already written it on the post above, but it is better to make it clear: The house is not open to the public

Romeo’s House
Via Arche Scaligere, 2 – Verona

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