San Rocco Oratory in Padova: a gem full of jewels


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San Rocco Oratory dates back to 1525 and it was intended to host the meetings of the chapter house. The ground-floor is completely decorated by frescoes. It surprised me. What an unexpected beauty! I honestly had no idea that this little oratory could hide such paintings.

San Rocco Oratory, Padova

If you want to follow the San Rocco story on the walls you must start from the north, on the right of the Altarpiece, which is Madonna with Saints by Maganza.

  1. Prayer of the parents by Domenico Campagnola. Giovanni and Libera, parents of San Rocco, pray the Lord to give them a child.
  2. Birth of San Rocco by Girolamo Tessari
  3. Death of San Rocco’s father and Distribution of assets by San Rocco by Domenico Campagnola and Gualtiero Padovano
  4. Visit to the infected with the plague and Healing of a infected woman by Gualtiero Padovano
  5. San Rocco in Rome and Retreat in the wood by Gualtiero Padovano. San Rocco was struck by the plague and decided to retreat in the woods, refusing medical care.
  6. San Rocco in front of the Pope by Gualtiero Padovano. This is one of the best frescoes of the Oratory.
  7. Vision of the Angel and Sleep of San Rocco. These two frescoes refer to the wood retreat period. San Rocco prays the Lord to heal him. An angel appears to announce him that God granted his request. After the sleep the Saint will be healed. On the background you can see Padova: the walls, St. Giustina Basilica and St. Anthony Basilica.
  8. Rocco is taken to prison
  9. The Saint dying in prison
  10. Funeral of San Rocco by Stefano dall’Arzere

If you’re in Padova and you want to see beautiful frescoes, just go!

San Rocco Oratory
via Santa Lucia, Padova

Opening hours
9.30 am – 12.30 pm and 3.30 – 7 pm
Closed on Mondays (except public holidays)

Free Admission

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