LESSON 5: THE SEASONS in Italian, LE STAGIONI in Italiano


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The Seasons in Italian lesson will be very easy, because, as you know, the seasons are only 4 ūüôā . In Italian seasons is¬†stagioni [leh stah-JOH-nee].

Did you know…¬†Quattro Stagioni (i.e. Four Seasons) is the name of a¬†type¬†of Italian pizza with:¬†tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, artichokes, black olives and ham. It is also the title of is a set of 4¬†violin concertos (each dedicated to a season) by Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi.

Everyone has his favourite season, you can’t deny that! I “pretty much” like them all.

The Seasons in Italian are:

1. Inverno [in-VEHR-noh] Winter

Winter Seasons in Italian

OK, winter is cold and there is the perfidious flu. However there’s nothing like walk among the Christmas markets under the festive illuminations, or rather staying at home and drinking a nice cup of tea¬†or hot chocolate while it’s cold outside. Yes, I admit it, I’m a couch potato and I’m not ashamed of it… ok, just a little bit!

Turn on your speakers and listen to the right pronunciation of winter here:

2. Spring is Primavera [pree-mah-VEH-rah]

Spring Seasons in Italian

Well, Spring is the one in which I was born. The temperature rises, the days get longer, the flowers bloom and the hay fever returns. Damn it! Never mind. But it s also the season of cherries and strawberries, the most delicious fruits on Earth. I love them!

Now you can listen to the right pronunciation of primavera:

3. Summer is called Estate [ehs-TAH-teh]

Summer Seasons in Italian

Summer is the season of fun: trips, evenings out, holidays if you’re lucky. Sure, here in Italy it’s also crazy hot. But, even when it’s too hot, we have still one thing that¬†gives us hope. What is it? Of course gelato!¬†Click below to listen¬†to the right pronunciation of estate,¬†summer:

4. Autunno [ou-TOOHN-noh] Autumn

Autumn Seasons in Italian

Autumn is my favourite season. Here it is idyllic. Till October it is normlly warm enough for bike rides and strolls. This is the season of figs and chestnuts. And what to say about the trees filled with red and yellow? An authentic marvel of Mother Nature (Madre Natura).

Finally listen to autumn:

In any case, whichever you favourite season is…

Enjoy and practise!

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