Sunday Impromptu at Fimon Lake


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The trip to Fimon Lake wasn’t planned. That Sunday (not last Sunday) I was in a bad mood. I had been sick all week and I didn’t feel like going out. I simply wanted to stay at home and laze. Plus I feared that it was too late to do something interesting. I often have this fear. Since I’m a prudent person, I normally like to plan things. I like to leave early, follow the schedule and, only after that, allow me something out of the planning. That Sunday though I simply forgot to set the alarm. Yes! Like in the worst classic lacking-homework-excuse.

So when we woke up it was too late to do the things I wanted. Then I became apathetic, like I couldn’t do anything else that day. But my husband Matteo knows me well enough by now, so, after a while, he convinced me (thank you!) to stop complaining and do something. So I decided to go somewhere relaxing and not too far, the Fimon lake, near Vicenza.

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What to expect at Fimon Lake

Fimon lake is a teeny-tiny lake (just 0,6 square kilometers). The autumn colours where just beginning to show up along the road and the sun was shining coyly. We arrived and we parked in the last available parking spot (we missed the official parking lot that is located before the lake on the left (we were so distracted that we didn’t see the sign!). And there we had an odd encounter: two grey ducks crouched on the grass. I took a photo of them and tried to go nearer, but one of them (the one on the right with the grey beak) jumped up and pointed the beak towards me in a threatening manner. So I gracefully retreated (clumsily running away and laughing hysterically). My husband still regrets he didn’t recorded a video of that moment.


Path around the lake

I promised myself to seek the geese later and we started our stroll around the lake. There is a wide gravelly path all around it and we saw many people with kids, strollers, dogs and cyclists doing the tour. Here and there you can find benches, tables and bins. But I spotted only one water fountain (it’s near the parking lot, the parking lot we didn’t use). Along the main road there are a bar, similar to a wooden lodge, on the right side and also a restaurant a little bit further on the right.

At some point (at the beginning) there is a wooden board-walk where you can admire the Berici hills reflecting on the lake surface, naturally trying not to disturb the fishermen. The water is not that nice… The stroll took us about 40 minutes at a medium pace (allegro ma non troppo), with a few stops to take pictures. When we arrived back at our car, we encountered the two geese again. They were bullying around like only a goose can do. I lingered for a while looking amused at them, then we left to come back home.

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Stop for Chestnuts

Along the road, precisely at the little village of Colzé we spotted a tempting sign “MARRONI CALDI“, which means “freshly roasted chestnuts” so we immediately decided to stop cause it was merenda time! If you still don’t know what that means you have to read my post about merenda.
There, under a small marquee, there were some local elder parishioners. A nice lady welcomed us warmly. There were 2 big tables and a selling spot with a basket full of chestnuts, resting under a blanket (in order to keep them warm). The chestnuts were not that cheap but extremely tasty.

While a man was selling the chestnuts to my husband, the lady provided me with napkins, paper place-mats and a plastic glasses (wine for Matteo and orange soda for me). We enjoyed our time there, the two lonely customers among these lovely folks, eating eagerly, chatting and me taking pictures (sadly blurry for the scarce light) and making a mess on the white mobile cover with dark soot fingerprints. Most of all, I realized once more that often my methodical attitudes are not that good and it is fun to do something (to use again a musical term) impromptu.

What about you? Do you plan your visits or live in the moment?

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  1. Jennifer Cochran

    What a delightful and unexpected afternoon outing! I tend to act methodically rather than spontaneously as well. This shows that spontaneity can be quite simply enjoyable.

    • mycornerofitaly

      Yes, precisely! I admit that I prefer to plan anyway, but now I now I can enjoy unexpected things as well.