Tanapertè, the Alice in Wonderland style tea room in Treviso


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disclaimer: Sadly this place closed. If you’re loyal readers, you should know I love tea. I have at least two mugs per day, usually green tea. Unfortunately, in Padua there are no proper tea rooms. But I found out that in Treviso there are like four different tea rooms. I plan to try them all. For now I just tried one, called Tanapertè, which in Italian is quite funny.

It’s a word pun. “Tana per te” is an idiom used by children when playing the popular game Nascondino (hide and seek). When the seeker sees you, he runs to the home base and shouts: “Tana per te” (or just Tana), which means “Den for you”, meaning “I found your den, I saw you”. What has it to do with tea? well, the word te in italian is you (accusative), but, if you put an accent on the e, it becomes , which is tea. So “Den for you” becomes: Den for tea.

For the record, the visit dates back to Christmas time. The tearoom is close to Treviso cathedral. It will conquer you with its shabby chic atmosphere, Alice in Wonderland style (I love it, and I know for sure many of you do, too), made of flowered tablecloths, white wrought iron chairs, biscuit jars, cake stands, the Russian samovar to warm up the water, the shimmering jars were the tea is kept: Over 60 different types of blends. Among all things you will certainly notice the Queen statuette. A must.

For the record number 2, I didn’t go with my husband, nor with a group of girl-friends, but with Filippo, my nephew. It was him who took the photo in which I basically do not smile. The others were worse. 😀 You have to know that Tanapertè is quite tiny, with about six tables. Filippo and I were lucky to find the last empty table.

I had green tea with a couple of homemade biscuits, surrounded by shelves full of tea, memorabilia, cups and lovely teapots used as lamps. Lovely! We received two different cups and two different tea pots, each more suitable for the chosen blend.

! Since I know that some of you are vegan, vegetarian or lactose intolerant, you’d be pleased to know that there are choices for you, too. For us, since I’m lactose intolerant too. If you want to learn more about Italian lactose free products, go to my post Lactose free products in Italian supermarkets!

Among the shelves you will also find products to buy: cups, tea, herbal teas, jam, chocolate and much more. Including the angels of L’Oca bianca e altre storie (White goose and other stories), a lovely shop I visited in Friuli.

Honestly, I wanted to buy everything! Tanapertè is exactly the kind of place I like.


Via Canoniche, 6 – Treviso

Closed on Tuesdays
The other days 8:30-12:30 – 15-19
Sunday 9.30-12:30 – 15-19

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