What to see in Torre di Palme, one of the nicest villages in Le Marche


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Have you ever heard of Torre di Palme in the region Le Marche, Italy? I confess I discovered it thanks to Instagram. And then I found out that it is one of the Borghi più Belli d’Italia, The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy. As you know, I love small villages and so I thought to pay a visit to this one, too. I’m basically a collector. 😉 But what to see in Torre di Palme? Let’s begin!

Torre di Palme is a lovely medieval village perched on a hill, overlooking the Adriatic sea in the district of Fermo. We passed there at lunch during our tour this summer and so we stopped to grab a bite. There was almost no one around since the inhabitants were all locked away in their houses to have lunch

Lovely facades

What to see in Torre di Palme

Torre di Palme is very tiny. But, despite its size, it is listed among the most remarkable old towns in Le Marche, because of the state of conservation and the homogeneity of its architecture. 

At the entrance, you will see a couple of beautiful medieval houses full of flowers and lots of tables al fresco. They’re part of the local pizzeria. Strolling along the main road you will find a piazza with a fountain and a terrace with a great view of the sea (and sadly the highway).

Then the Town Hall (Palazzo Priorale, it is the one with a sundial on the facade), a café and a couple of restaurants where you can have lunch or dinner in a cozy atmosphere. Along the parallel street, you will bump into a lovely piazzetta with some flourishing plants and the so-called Torre Merlata, crenelated tower, one left the 6 towers of the castle. 

Beautiful facades in Torre di Palme
Beautiful facades in Torre di Palme


Along the main street, you will bump into 3 churches.

  • Chiesa di San Giovanni, very small, with beautiful frescoes dating back to 1400.
  • Sant’Agostino: the highlight here is a polyptych by Crivelli.
  • Chiesa di Santa Maria a Mare (1200-1300). In front of the latter, the tiny Oratory of San Rocco. Here the view is spectacular.
Oratory of San Rocco
Oratory of San Rocco


Artisans market on Tuesdays in July and August.

August 15: Cavalcata dell’Assunta, which is the most ancient Italian reenactment. It takes place in Fermo, but in Torre di Palme you can admire the parade and the Contrada dinner. Despite being 11 km away from Fermo, Torre di Palme is the most ancient Contrada of all, representing the seafarers. 

The Lovers Cave legend

Not far from the village you can hike in the Cugnolo Wood. A 2 km long path leads to the so-called Grotta Degli Amanti, Lovers Cave. The name refers to a sad story. Back in 1911, a 24 years old boy, Antonio was sent as a soldier in the war between Italy and Libya. His fiancee, Laurina, was an illiterate peasant. She learned to read and write within a few weeks, in order to be able to communicate with him. Back home for a short license, Antonio decided to desert the army and stay home with Laurina. The two lovers took shelter inside a cave, where they spent eight days thanks to the help of some local fishermen. Unfortunately, the military was on their trail! Faced with the prospect of a new separation, the two lovers threw themselves from a cliff.

Parking problem

There is a parking for visitors. But the problem is that it is located a little detached from Torre di Palme and you have to walk under the sun to reach the village.

In conclusion, I loved Torre di Palme for many reasons. The buildings are well preserved and the owners display many flowers on doorways and windowsills, plus the Contrada banners. The view of the sea is breathtaking. The atmosphere was really peaceful and pleasant.  And so I really recommend a detour if you’re in the area. 


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