Valbona Castle: visit with an arcane twist


Valbona Castle, located at the western edge of the Euganean Hills, is tiny but cute… but it could be in my opinion better maintained. The origin is not sure but probably it dates back to 1200s. The first document attesting its existence is a property code dated 1258.

After the nearby and more important Lozzo Castle was destroyed during the Middle Ages, the importance of Valbona Castle increased at once, due to its strategic position. The Carrara family (lords of Padua) decided therefore to restore and fortify it. After the Carrara House fall, Valbona Castle became at first a Venetian property and then it passed from owner to owner.

The Castle is a classic military garrison, with rectangular plant, surrounded by 11 meters high wall and provided with 4 square towers and 2 hexagonal towers. On the two doors there is the white stone sign of Ubertino I da Carrara. On the back door you can also see the Carrara family emblem. Surely the doors were once provided with drawbridges as it is proven that a deep canal surrounded the structure.

My visit to Valbona Castle

The day I decided to visit Valbona Castle was a sunny Saturday, very welcomed after a non stop fog period. When I saw the first salubrious rays of Sun I told Matteo: Let’s go somewhere… anywhere, please! Every Museum, shop, etc was closed that day because it was a public holiday afternoon. So I opted for Valbona Castle, which I knew for sure to be open cause it now houses a pub/pizzeria. But there’s something else going on there of which I was unaware. Suspense. We arrived, parked (there’s a parking lot on the side) and took some pictures all around. The lovely sight of the Castle with its magnolia tree is slightly ruined by the street passing by so close and the light poles wires. After that we walked towards the entrance. There we saw the sign: Operative seat of the Association GHOST HUNTERS PADOVA.

We stepped inside and the pizzeria staff was cleaning up after the previous night party. They were so kind to show us the way to reach the walkway. Climbing the stairs (very dark) on our way to the battlements we found out something more about the Ghost Hunters thanks to an explanatory panel: It seems that the ghost of girl died of grief here (cause she couldn’t marry the man she loved). So she now wanders around the Castle. Mysterious events have been happening. A lot of people report having heard sound of footsteps and wailing, having seen lights turning on and off on their own, or having experienced the unpleasant feeling of being touched. Oh boy!

I am a total chicken. I get scared even when I hear perfectly normal sounds in my apartment.. at daytime. Not only I avoid watching horror or thriller movies, I also change the TV channel if I simply see a horror movie trailer… I’m aware I’m not normal, but I confess I have problems even with perfectly regular movies when there’s a suspense scene or something. I jolt on the chair and end up scaring also people around me! So I’m happy I went there after lunch with the light of day.

The view from the walkway was pleasant even if the sky wasn’t perfectly clear. But what I disliked was seeing some garbage here and there in the garden and noticing that the maintenance is not at its best. What a pity! It’s quite sad that the few Castles left in the territory of Padova are a not properly managed. It is surely a money matter but also a problem of lack of planning and foresight. We then came down and walked through the garden, together with some chickens (like me eh eh), roasters and ducks. We didn’t try the pub cause they were clearly busy.

Villa Lando Correr
Villa Lando Correr

A few kilometers from the Castle (in the direction of Padova) you can see the beautiful but apparently abandoned Villa Lando Correr (XVIII century), located were once was the above-quoted Lozzo Castle.

I’d recommend to take a detour to visit Valbona Castle if you’re into cycling (the Euganean Hills bike ring path passes a few meters from here) or into paranormal activities. Just thinking about that I immediately worry and turn on all the lights in the house! Does anyone understand me?

Valbona Castle with the shadow of me taking a picture and Matteo being patient
Valbona Castle with the shadow of me taking a picture and Matteo being patient

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  1. Carina! I love your writing here, thank you for the honest adventure! I am so happy to read your updates, and get to know this area. Grazie!