Verona in Love: hearts, kisses and pasta


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Every year around Saint Valentine’s day, a special event takes place in Verona, the city of Romeo e Giulietta: Verona in love. I’m very pleased, cause I had tyhe chance to cover the major events on the first day of the celebrations.

Verona in Love
Verona in Love

Verona in Love

I’ve always found Verona very romantic, but this time she surpassed herself. Please, note that cities are feminine in Italian, so I can’t help writing she, her, herself. Sorry if it sounds odd, but “it” seems so wrong to me. I feel like I deprive a city of her soul.

I enjoyed a special day with my husband Matteo and it couldn’t have been better. Immersed in a romantic atmosphere, surrounded by other couples arrived to celebrate their love. It was a great occasion to share a positive, sweet feeling, in years of negativity and terror.

Panorama from the Lamberti Tower

We got up the Lamberti Tower and admired a lovely scenario from above: Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori adorned with a giant heart in its centre and, all around, the beauty of Verona. This was probably the best part. It was nice to be up there at the opening and taking our time to take photos and enjoy the view.

Hearts everywhere

Then we wandered around the piazze and the streets: everything was romantic and graceful. Heart shapes everywhere, markets selling Saint Valentine’s gifts, chocolates, flowers, jewellery, local food.

During the Verona in Love days you have the chance to taste a special menu at some local restaurants, join workshops or guided tours of the city, including the Romeo & Juliet places, have a photo of you and your partner in many romantic corners. On this page you will find all the events timetable, the locations and all the details:

Also there are a couple of initiatives for charity. The proceeds of the seal of love and the love messages will be donated to Amatrice, the town destroyed by the 2016 earthquake.

The highlights of the day

The highlight of the day took place in Piazza dei Signori around 6 pm: il Bacio lungo un Minuto and i Soffi d’Amore. All the couples, including us, gathered in the square, shared a minute-long kiss. Then, a shower of thousands red hearts rained down over us. Keep in mind that these two special events only take place on the first and last (February 14) day of Verona in Love! So, you’re warned.

The highlight for me

I loved the experience, the view from the tower, the romantic atmosphere of Verona in Love, but the thing that struck a chord with me the most was a special guest at the official inauguration ceremony. A man named Luciano, who was called up on stage at some point. He was wearing a white sweater with a big writing: AMATRICE.

Luciano is in fact an organic farmer from Amatrice. While the host told us his story, he looked visibly moved and I with him. He was there with two kiosks selling cheese, yoghurt and pasta (special pasta for the amatriciana sauce), that he managed to keep producing despite all the destruction and the economical problems.

Obviously we couldn’t help but going back home loaded with spaghetti and mezze maniche. Delicious by the way (we had some for lunch the next day).

If you go to Verona during Verona in Love, enjoy romanticism, take photos, taste food, walk hand in hand, but also ask for a love seal or post your romantic message on the notice board, or go to Luciano and buy some pasta. Amatrice, like all the other towns involved in the earthquake, needs a lot of help. A lot.

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