Villa Etruria: a quiet stay near Pitigliano


Villa Etruria is a B&B located 1 kilometer outside of Pitigliano ancient burg. I found this accommodation very convenient. When planning my tour I was considering if staying in the old town or not.

  • First of all, none of the central location had a private parking. So we should have left the car outside the town and bring our bags back and forth for one night.
  • Second, I read many reviews and a lot of people were complaining about the noises until late in the narrow streets of the centre. That couldn’t be the place for me. When I travel I don’t like to stay up late. I like to live the day and visit the land. At night I need to rest.

Visiting burgs, eating well, chatting and then a good night of sleep: what is more pleasant in life?

So, Villa Etruria was the perfect solution in this case. A beautiful villetta with private parking, wifi, a small garden and a nice gazebo where to sit and relax for a while chatting with the owners and grasping some information before visiting Pitigliano, which is only 5 minutes away (by car). Plus, when you have to leave, you have not to “disentangle” yourself from the narrow streets of the centre. You’re ready to go immediately.

A little tip to park in Pitigliano: Matteo and I hate to get stuck in traffic. We try to avoid it when we are in small unfamiliar hill towns with narrow streets. We had bad experiences in the past. So, I searched on Google Maps for a quite large street where to park: near the city gate but a little detached from the main road. We found a convenient spot along via Domenico Maria Ugolini. From there it took us just 5 minutes or so to arrive at the old town entrance.

Our room was simple but comfortable, with wrought iron bed, warm colours and direct access to the garden. Wifi and air conditioning worked perfectly. Wifi is something I couldn’t do without being on a blog tour. Also air conditioning can be a true boon in the hot Italian summer. And something that still is missing in many places!

The bathroom was big, clean and had shower box slightly bigger than average, which is always a pleasure. The only flaw was the lack of shelves where to put our things, but for one night we managed all the same. So my advice to the owners is to provide the bathroom with a couple of additional shelves. At night there were no noises at all, so we slept very well.

As some reviewers wrote, the mattress is indeed slightly thin but it didn’t affect our sleep at all. And I am a big pain in the ass as for sleeping and stuff. Do you know the Princess and the Pea fairy tale? Ecco! That’s me!

Breakfast was good and included also fresh fruit, and it is something I love to find at breakfast. There was also green tea, which is what we normally have at breakfast. Sometimes we do not find it while travelling. The cakes and the savoury choices (olives focaccia and panini with ham) were really tasty. There were also some vegan milks, like oat or spelt milk.

Villa Etruria is a simple, clean and friendly B&B.

The owners, Loredana and Gianluca, were very friendly and discreet. Their dog… many of you know that I am afraid of dogs. I know, I have many foibles… I could name the blog My Corner of Foibles. Anyway, their dog Rocky was very quiet. He only barks when he hears someone approaching but then nothing. He never jumped on my knees or something. Therefore we got along very well. When dogs are that calm I sometimes think I could even get one. My husband would love to!

Villa Etruria
Villa Etruria

Villa Etruria
Via Brodolini Traversa Destra, 115 – Pitigliano (Grosseto)

Disclaimer: I was offered this experience free of charge but all opinions I shared on this post are entirely my own.

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